The Lean Network is comprised of companies who supply Honda, working together to advance Lean principles in their own companies. The Network is self directed through a member steering committee which coordinates training, meetings, conferences and networking opportunities.
It is not a Honda organization run by Honda.
It is a Supplier Network directed by a Steering Committee.
It is not a training resource to enrich one person's resume.
It is a training, benchmarking and networking resource for the entire company.
It is not a guarantee of additional Honda business.
It is a great resource that can make your company more competitive.
It is not an organization that provides meetings for Network contacts only.
It is a resource for your entire organization -- topics of meetings and workshops may appeal to a broad cross-section of your organization including your top management.
It is not a passive "receive-only" organization.
It is an organization where the members are expected to share their practices frequently through workshops, meetings and presentations.


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